Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray Setting spray

Lock in makeup for a long-lasting finish with our translucent wear-boosting setting spray. Prevents color fading and makeup from melting.

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Why you'll love it

What it is

Keep just-applied makeup looking fresh with this wear-boosting setting spray. Ideal for all skin types, this lightweight, translucent, and oil-free mist boosts the wear of makeup to prevent melting and color fading. 


Prevents color fading and makeup from melting. 
Apply this weightless spray to set makeup for a long-lasting finish.

How to use/apply

Step 1. Apply after makeup application.
Step 2. Shake well. Hold 15cm away from the face and close eyes.
Step 3. Spray 4-6 times evenly around the face. 
Step 4. Allow to air dry.
Avoid spraying directly into eyes and lips.
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