Natural Look

Julianne Kaye

Who doesn’t want a look that highlights your natural beauty? Maybelline’s new Dream collection is the perfect complement to your natural features. Julianne Kaye, makeup artist, takes us backstage to show us how to create this natural look in 3 easy steps.

Natural Look

Julianne Kaye



Start Light as Air

Nothing gives a uniquely light and natural-looking finish like Dream Nude Airfoam. Hold can upright and shake it well. Then, press lightly to dispense a walnut-size dollop on the back of your hand. Using your other fingers, apply in the middle of your face and work outward. Continue applying to your entire face using small strokes.


Cover Imperfections

For your first use, twist the pen-like bottom of Dream Lumi™ Touch Highlighting Concealer around ten times, dispersing product into the brush. Apply product to the back of your hand, working it into the bristles of the brush for even application. Then, apply on under eye circles and other imperfections.


Brighten Up

To brighten and open up the face, dot the highlighting concealer along your cheeckbones and down the bridge of your nose and blend. To open up the eyes for a well-rested look, apply in the inner corner of the eyes and under the arch of your brow.


Add a Bouncy Pop of Color

Open Dream Bouncy Blush™ and press finger into the uniquely bouncy center. Lightly tap onto the apples of the cheeks. For increased intensity, apply more blush and pat to blend for a fresh flush. Your finished natural look? Perfectly Dreamy.