Dramatic Cat Eye

Julianne Kaye

Nothing draws attention to the eyes like the Dramatic Cat Eye look. Liquid liners can be difficult to use, but new Eye Studio® Master Precise™ Ink Pen offers extreme precision. Makeup artist Julianne Kaye takes us backstage to show us how to create the perfect dramatic cat eye in 5 easy steps.

Dramatic Cat Eye

Julianne Kaye



Draw the Line

Start with tip of the Eye Studio® Master Precise™ Ink Pen Eyeliner pointed toward your inner eye. Apply outward lightly, in small, feather-like strokes to desired thickness. The thicker the line, the more dramatic the look.


Return to Start

Return to the tear duct region. Extend the line past the tear duct toward your nose, stopping at the bridge. Bring the pen back toward your eye, tracing down and around the tear duct.


Go to the End of the Line

Return to the upper lid’s outer corner and complete your cat eye flick, upward and outward. Go to the outer corner of your lower lash line and draw another line, connecting it up to the line you just drew.


Other Cat Eye

Repeat Steps 1-3 on the other eye.


Finish Feline

Finally, continue the line on your lower lash line with small, feather-like strokes. For a dramatic finale, finish with a flourish of Illegal Length™ Fiber Extensions Mascara. Let the drama begin!