ExpertWear Eye Shadow Tutorial

Grace Lee

The eyes have it! A dramatic eye look is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 with the ExpertWear eye shadow quad. Makeup Artist Grace Lee shows us how to achieve a twist on a smoky eye in four quick and easy steps.

ExpertWear Eye Shadow Tutorial

Grace Lee



Define the Base

Using Expertwear® Eyeshadow Quads, begin with the lightest color to define the entire eyelid eye from eyeline to brow.


Define the Lid

Apply the lid color to the lower part of the eyelid, beneath the crease.


Define the Crease

Apply the crease color, taking special care to blend the color with the base and lid colors so that no line is apparent.


Define the Eyeline

Use the darkest shade to define the upper eyeline at the base of the lashes. Use the same color to highlight 3/4 of the lower eyeline as well.


Finishing Touches

Apply Great Lash® Mascara for added definition of the lash line. Begin at the base of lashes and curl the brush outwards for maximum volume.