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June 12, 2016 | Maybelline

Since being signed by Women Management, this new face has set the fashion world ablaze. Her unique beauty, high cheek bones, and stunning runway presence makes Herieth Paul one of the most sought after newcomers in the industry. As of today, she’s a appeared in virtually every major global fashion magazine, and is in constant high demand with the industry’s top designers, editors and photographers.



Deep Sea styling

Inspiration runs deep for this stunning aquatic eye look on Herieth straight from


I get confidence in not knowing everything, but knowing that I can handle whatever is coming.

Hailing from Dar es Salaam — the largest city of Tanzania — Paul immigrated to Canada at age 14. She once dreamed of becoming a diplomat like her mother. However, that all changed after she was scouted during a modeling contest.

She’s been the face for ad campaigns like Tom Ford and Rodarte. She’s walked the runways of Proenza Schouler, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Balmain. She’s posed for Patrick DeMarchelier, Steven Meisel and David Sims. She’s an educational advocate for young adults, providing scholarships and mentoring teens in her home town. And now, we’re excited to announce that Herieth Paul has joined the Maybelline family — becoming one of our newest spokesmodels.


To welcome Herieth Paul, we invited her to come hang out with the Maybelline team at our headquarters in NYC. There, we hosted an informal get-to-know-you interview – in ten questions or less.
Maybelline: Ok. Question One. Describe NYC in one word.

Herieth: Beehive.

Maybelline: (laughs) Like Beyonce’s beehive?

Herieth: Like a bustling, buzzing hive of creativity. NYC is a melting pot of passion and character. It’s where we all come to make our dreams come true.

Maybelline: Where’s your favorite place to shop in New York City?

Herieth: Vintage stores for the win. Ina and Toki7 are my favorites.

Maybelline: Next. What was the first Maybelline product you ever used?

Herieth: SuperStay lipstick. My color was “Keep Up The Flame.” I bought my first one when I was 14.

Maybelline: That’s one of our favorites. Question four. We hear you’re big into yoga.

Herieth: Oh yes. I love yoga. Hot yoga and face yoga.

Maybelline: Face yoga?

Herieth: Face yoga is basically a yoga workout for the face. I start by giving my face a message and applying more pressure around the nose area to release the nasal passages and instantly I feel I can breathe better.


Maybelline: So that’s the secret behind your stunning skin?

Herieth: For me, it’s all about balance. Beauty starts on the inside. That’s why I do Bikram yoga. It was – and still is – the only way I can relax, unwind and get a workout done at the same time.

Maybelline: Very cool. Now talk to us about how you translate catwalk fashions into your signature sidewalk street style?

Herieth: (smiles) On the catwalk, we always get to dress up and play a character, which is so much fun. And on the sidewalk it’s about similar. Though I get to play myself as a character, which is even more fun.

Maybelline: So you’re like a method actor in being true to yourself.

Herieth: Totally. I get confidence not from knowing everything but from knowing that I can handle whatever is coming.

Maybelline: That’s really well said. Now, moving on to question seven. What makes a women beautiful?

Herieth: Being genuine and true to oneself is what makes a women beautiful.

Maybelline: Perfect. What’s your style like?

Herieth: It’s always changing every day. The one thing that stays that same are my blue jeans.


Maybelline: Cool. Two more. Describe your favorite beauty looks?

Herieth: In the daytime I like light makeup, a little dewy on the skin. Bb cream from Maybelline definitely does the trick. When I’m going out at night I love wearing a dark purple lip. My favorite is Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in “Possessed Plum”

Maybelline: Alright. Final question. Maybelline’s mantra is Make It Happen. What does that mean to you?

Herieth: (ponders this briefly) “Make it happen” for me, means being confident in my abilities to face the world. Having a strong self-image leaves me with one less thing to worry about so I can focus on the project at hand.

Maybelline: It’s that sense of calm that allows you to be successful. Is that from the yoga?

Herieth: Ha, I thought you said this was the last question!

Maybelline: (checks watch) Ooops! You’re right. At least answer this. Are you looking forward to being part of the Maybelline family?

Herieth: Yes! I’m beyond excited because Maybelline New York is such an iconis brand. The women that represent this brand are confident and strong. To be one of these women is truly a dream come true.

Maybelline: Thanks for your time, Herieth.

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