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June 12, 2016 | Maybeline

Hard to believe that this stunning supermodel was once the target of bullies. But Maybelline spokesmodel and new face, I-Hua Wu, was. Born and raised in a small town, I-Hua was a shy girl whose height intimidated her peers. She entered a modeling contest in China in 2011 to escape the bullying she received from schoolmates and ended up becoming the winner of the New Silk Road competition. She was quickly signed by the star studded model agency, Wilhelmina NY. From there, her career exploded.


Since then, I-Hua has graced the catwalk of every major fashion capital including New York, London, Milan and Paris. She has been featured in international editions of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire to name a few. I-Hua’s incredible path to stardom proves that rising above the negativity is the key to success.


Never leave home without lipstick.

Between casting calls, shoots and runway shows, I-Hua is incredibly busy. So getting a piece of her time is near impossible. That’s why Maybelline sat down with I-Hua while she was in the makeup chair. There, we hosted a rapid fire interview to get a sense of I-Hua’s world — in ten questions or less.

Maybelline: Ok. Question One. Who’s your beauty icon?

I-Hua: Angelababy and ShinHye Park.


Maybelline: Awesome. Ready for question two?

I-Hua: (laughs) I’m ready!

Maybelline: What is the one makeup item that you cannot live without?

I-Hua: Maybelline’s FitMe Concealer — if I had to choose only one item. Concealer can create a smooth, polished tone for my face and give me a touch of sun-kissed color.

Maybelline: Next. What’s your favorite fall beauty trend?

I-Hua: Brighter colored lipsticks to make myself look lighter and warmer during winter/fall season, given clothes in winter are generally more dark and heavy.

Maybelline: Makes sense. Question Four. We hear you’re big into fashion.

I-Hua: Absolutely. I started my own clothing company!

Maybelline: That’s awesome. What was the inspiration?

I-Hua: Is this the fifth question?

Maybelline: It can be.

I-Hua: (giggles) My definition of fashion is abstract. My style leans towards casual — with feminine touches.


Maybelline: More than halfway done. What was your favorite show to walk in?

I-Hua: Calvin Klein. Clean, chic style. Hong Kong setting. It was so fun.

Maybelline: Question Seven. Top three songs on repeat right now?

I-Hua: John Legend — All of Me. Colbie Calliat — Try. And Lana Del Rey — Young and Beautiful.

Maybelline: Perfect. What’s your favorite book?

I-Hua: The Little Prince.

Maybelline: Ok. Two more. What does Make It Happen mean to you?

I-Hua: (ponders this briefly) For me it means making the impossible come true. I was not confident about myself and never expected to make it this far in modeling, but I gave my full energy and focus to this business so that things that once seemed impossible became real.

Maybelline: If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

I-Hua: I’d be in school and helping stray animals.

Maybelline: Times up!

Makeup artist: And the makeup’s done too.

I-Hua rises from the chair and smiles, her skin radiant and her eyes glowing.

I-Hua: Thanks for having me. I still can’t believe I’m a Maybelline IT girl.



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The Verdict

Which look do you prefer on Maybelline newcomer, I-Hua Wu?

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