Our first Patented Fanning Brush with 10 LAYERS OF BRISTLES to reveal a full flourishof lashes. Liquid Ink Formula coats from all sides. For a SENSATIONAL full fan effect.

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Why You'll Love It

Our first LAYER-REVEAL brush: Inner bristles capture the tiniest lashes you didn’t know you had whilst outer bristles volumise & define the look of longer lashes. From corner to corner, top to bottom, no lash is left behind. Our liquid ink formula, with a low wax count creates the blackest of black lashes that are so dark and defined. Layers can be built without clumping

For Best Results

Learn the turn! 1) Step 1: Use inner bristles to capture even the tiniest lashes 2) Step 2: Turn the brush around. Use outer bristles to volumise the look of longer lashes

Product Details