Lifter Gloss and Lifter Plump:
Everything you Need to Know about
Maybelline Glosses


When it comes to cosmetics, understanding how the ingredients in the products you use actually work can be very beneficial. So, with that in mind, allow us to tell you more about two Maybelline lip glosses – Lifter Gloss and the all-new Lifter Plump. Two lip-enhancing products designed to create long-lasting, fuller-looking lips.


Lifter Gloss: Innovatively blended with hyaluronic acid – a sugar that is found naturally in your skin and acts like a super sponge that attracts and holds water in your lips – Maybelline Lifter Gloss gives you hydrated, fuller looking lips. When used in lip glosses, this active ingredient ensures that the formulation is comfortable to wear, nourishing, and can glide on smoothly and evenly.

Lifter Plump: What is in plumping lip gloss? Designed with Lifter Plump Technology that combines chili pepper with 5% Maxi-Lip, this chili lip plumper works to increase blood circulation to the lips and promote collagen synthesis, ensuring lips are plump and more naturally pigmented for longer. 


Lifter Gloss: Hydrates the lips to promote a smoother lip surface and enhance its natural contours. Formulated to be non-sticky, lips appear fuller and lifted with a high shine.
Lifter Plump Utilizing the natural capsicum extracts that occur in chili pepper, this Maybelline plumping lip gloss provides an intense heat upon application that visibly plumps the lips and reduces the appearance of lip lines. 

Our Maybelline lip plumping and lifting glosses are also designed with an XL wand, for one-swipe, easy application.


Both Maybelline Lifter Glosses come in a range of sheer and rich color variations. The Lifter Gloss is available in a comprehensive selection of 20 different modern shades, while the Lifter Plump chili pepper lip gloss offers a more exclusive range with 8 distinct offerings. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural finish or a bold, statement-making lip color, this wide variety is extremely inclusive, with something for every preference and skin tone.